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Common Sense: Occupation, Assembly, and the Future of Liberty


Dan Hind


January 14, 2014

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The organization of prestige found in the political class, in the media, and in academia is now indefensible. The bankruptcy of the Western economies is mirrored by an intellectual bankruptcy that those who currently hold power cannot adequately acknowledge. The triumph of the market faith was so complete that there is hardly anyone with public status who can afford to state openly what is obviously the case: the promoters of the old, exploded common sense – including its many tame experts – are ridiculous. So the show continues, as though they are not. This is the stuff from which revolutions are made.

But if we can no longer leave the market or the expert to secure the general interest, we are left with only one other means. It is not mentioned on the evening news. Indeed, as far as the mainstream of political comment is concerned, it does not exist. Our last hope is everywhere and everywhere it is overlooked.

Our last hope is everyone.


"Dan Hind displays a clarity in his political writing that would surely have pleased George Orwell. This well-written treatise has the courage to speak uncomfortable truths to our present society and confront popular delusions." - Amazon Review


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