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New Thinking for the British Economy, Series





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Ever since the 2008 financial crisis the British have known that their economy needs radical reform. After the 2017 General Election what was necessary became possible. The series brings together writers from a range of traditions and disciplines to describe the key features of a new economic settlement. Together they aim to begin a vast conversation about the kind of place we want to live in, and the future we want to see.

The titles in the New Thinking series are:

Christine Berry, Towards a People’s Banking System

Andrew Cumbers and Thomas M. Hanna, Democratic Ownership

Mathew Lawrence and Laurie Laybourn Langton, Digital Plenty

Katherine Trebeck, Building a Wellbeing Economy

Susan Himmelweit, Transforming Care

Craig Berry, Industrial Policy

Ruther Bergan, A Progressive Voice for Trade

Ann Pettifor, Financial Globalisation and Capital Mobility

Johnna Montgomerie, Curbing the Debt Economy

Will Stronge, Work and Free Time

Dan Hind and Tom Mills, Media Democracy

Maya Goodfellow, ‘Race’ and Racism in the UK

Adam Ramsay, Trying to Milk a Vulture

Laurie Macfarlane, Beyond the Property Owning Democracy

Printed copies of the 14 titles in the series are available for £10 plus £2 p&p in the UK and Northern Ireland. To make a single purchase, or to enquire about bulk sales or author events, contact us.


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